IRIS Explorer™

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"IRIS Explorer has significantly changed the way I understand my data; I really can't imaging working without it now"
- Dr Steve Jenkins, University of Cambridge, UK

IRIS Explorer is NAG's powerful tool for developing customized visualization applications. Its visual programming environment enables you to develop, prototype and build these applications quickly and easily. IRIS Explorer, with its broad range of visualization techniques, from simple graphs to multidimensional animation, enables you to readily discern trends and relationships in your data.

IRIS Explorer is a standards-based package that utilizes the Open Inventor™, ImageVision™ and OpenGL™ libraries, together with NAG's world-class numerical libraries. It is available on a broad range of Windows PC, Unix and Linux platforms.

Its easy to use point-and-click interface means that users spend less time programming and developing customized visualization applications. The extensive library of 'modules' (software routines) included puts a wide range of advanced visualization and analysis techniques at users' fingertips. Simply select modules from the library and connect them to interactively read and visualize data for analysis, presentation and publication.

Who is it for?

For those who need a powerful and flexible 3D visualization application, IRIS Explorer is an advanced visual programming environment for 3D visualization, animation and manipulation.

Industry, universities and research institutes rely upon NAG's visualization software to bring their complex data to life. Many organizations, including Nike, CERN, NIH, GEC Marconi, Oxford University and Baylor College of Medicine, have benefited from this software in areas such as:

  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Multimedia
  • Medical Imaging and Research
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geology
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Financial Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Versatile, powerful, and flexible IRIS Explorer has a programming component which developers can use for creating new applications and a users environment in which the applications run. This dual purpose capability caters both to end users who wish to build on an existing software foundation and to application developers who wish to target niche markets effectively.  The software also includes custom application development tools.
Multiple User Interfaces Designed for use in distributed heterogeneous hardware environments.  IRIS Explorer runs on most popular work stations including Windows PC, Unix, Linux and other platforms.
Provides an interactive visual programming environment The software uses the dataflow model in which users interactively create their application in the form of a map of modules. Each module is a software routine that performs some specific function on its input data and produces some output. A large library of modules is included with IRIS Explorer for data input, rendering, image processing, computation, transformation and data output.
Strong modelling capabilities Each module is controlled by a set of parameters such as dials, buttons, sliders and file browsers which are displayed on a control panel. These can be altered while the application is running to control some aspects of its behavior, providing immediate visual feedback of results.
Complete visualization package Complete with interactive demos, example maps/templates, and search facilities.

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