Professor Ian Gladwell, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA

Ian Gladwell has been Professor of the Department of Mathematics at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA since 1987. Professor Gladwell is a founder member of both the NAG Ltd Technical Policy Committee and the NAG Inc. Advisory Panel.

His association with NAG began with his contributions to the first NAG Library, in the area of Ordinary Differential Equations. He also contributed in Nonlinear Equations and Quadrature.

"In the early years of my collaboration with NAG my interest was in developing new types of software for Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs); at the time this was an area that was in its infancy. From these initial attempts came a realization of the possibilities of an overall easy-to-use design for the whole area of initial value ODEs. This anticipated the work of many others. In boundary value problems, the interfaces that I designed were (and are) in many respects the most general available.

From this early work grew a continuing commitment to keep the software up-to-date in functionality and to continue to improve the interface design to assist the user. Through collaborations this work has continued to push forward into new areas of functionality and into new interface designs. My continuing interest in the area lies in the opportunity to further modify and improve this software in the face of new developments and algorithms in the computational solution of ODEs and major changes in technology.

Outside of my work on ODEs, it is NAG's vitality and the opportunities it provides for intellectually challenging activities through which I maintain my interest and involvement in the organization."