The ADVISE project

ADVISE (Analysis of Data in a VISual Environment) is a collaborative research project which is developing a new toolkit for visualization and analysis. By merging statistical and visualization methods throughout the exploration process, ADVISE will provide insight into the increasingly large and complex datasets that now occur routinely in many application areas. ADVISE's architecture is service-oriented, making use of recent developments in web service technology and distributed visualization. Tailored applications have been created using the ADVISE toolkit, which will provide commercially viable solutions in targeted application areas such as pharmaceutics, environmental science and engineering. Building on UK strengths in statistics and visualization, the project promises to make a fundamental contribution to the emerging field of visual analytics.

The collaborators in the project are NAG (the lead partner), VSN International and the University of Leeds. Much of NAG's activity in visualization has been connected with its popular visualization toolkit, IRIS Explorer; the company has also been involved in previous research activity in this area, most recently through the UK e-Science projects gViz and VSN International, formed in 2000 as a spin-off from NAG and Rothamsted Research, has GenStat, a comprehensive statistics system, as its core product. The School of Computing at the University of Leeds has an international reputation for its visualization research, and has been involved in a number of EPSRC-funded projects including gViz, e-Viz, Integrative Biology and PolyFunGrid.

ADVISE is funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board, which is helping businesses work collaboratively with academic partners to develop technologies that will underpin products and services of the future.

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magma external image
ADVISE visualization of data from magma flow simulations (data courtesy Dr Julian Lowman).

lubrication external image
Using ADVISE to visualize results from a numerical simulation of elastohydrodynamic lubrication (data courtesy Dr Christopher Goodyer).

aneurism external image
ADVISE visualization of MRI data, showing an aneurism (data courtesy Dr Andy Bulpitt).

parallel external image
Using the ADVISE parallel coordinates module to analyse a multivariate dataset (data courtesy Mr Colin Myers).

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