Application Scaling and Performance Improvement

Reduce your time to solution. Complete more simulations in a given time. Run a larger model or a longer model timespan or a finer resolution. Include more complex, more accurate, representations of the physical phenomena. Explore a wider parameter space and more statistical variations. You can gain these benefits by efficiently scaling and optimizing your application to use more computational resources - more processors, more memory, etc.Examples of HPC case studies

Multicore processors are the reality now and are the future for technical computing and supercomputing systems. The number of cores will continue to increase - both on each processor and overall. Effective scaling of applications is becoming essential for both performance and economic viability.

The NAG Application Scaling and Performance Improvement Service can help your application to effectively exploit multicore processors and the largest supercomputers.

Our expertise and experience has enabled significant performance and scalability improvements for a wide range of user applications, including for users of the NAG distributed CSE Support Service for HECToR, the UK high-end computing resource.

Code restructuring

NAG parallel programming experts work with you to refactor your software and achieve increased performance on modern multicore processors. NAG can introduce parallel processing into your applications using appropriate standards and languages, including OpenMP, CUDA, MPI and others.

Optimization and scaling

NAG optimizes the algorithms and implementations to get the best utilization of resources, whether extra processor cores, memory bandwidth or inter-processor communications. NAG experts can optimize your software to scale from a few cores to thousands of cores on the latest clusters and supercomputers.

HPC Applications Development Support

NAG offers an embedded support service where you call on NAG experts as needed, either on a project basis to achieve specific performance or porting goals, or on a collaborative support basis where NAG HPC staff are deployed on-site as focused members of your HPC service or application development teams.