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ClearSpeed is the world leader in acceleration technology.

Specifically designed for high performance computing (HPC), ClearSpeed's Advance board is the only acceleration solution that combines:

  • Unmatched performance per watt for compute-intensive applications
  • Proven acceleration from desktops to TeraFLOPS
  • Full double precision
  • IEEE 754 compatible
  • Plug and Play ease of use

ClearSpeed Math Library (CSXL)

ClearSpeed has been collaborating with NAG on the development of the CSXL math library. Through a combination of technology licensing, bespoke joint development and independent testing, ClearSpeed with help from NAG has developed CSXL to industry standards, meeting the requirements of their clients and ISVs. The key to this success has been close collaboration and the synergistic effects of combining ClearSpeed's expertise in heterogeneous multi-core architectures and low-level optimisation with NAG's expertise in higher-level and algorithmic optimisations.

Simon McIntosh-Smith, VP Applications, ClearSpeed said, "This has been a first rate example of how a collaboration should work - both parties working together for a common goal. We have been extremely pleased with the results produced thus far and look forward to further gains in performance and features in the future."

Verification and Benchmarking of NAG Libraries on ClearSpeed Advance Boards

ClearSpeed's target markets have significant dependency on NAG Library software and as such NAG is itself an important ISV for ClearSpeed. No problems have been identified in using NAG routines on the ClearSpeed Advance boards. Full verification and a range of benchmarks of the use of NAG Libraries on ClearSpeed hardware from a variety of host environments are planned for 2007.

Ian Reid, VP Business Development, NAG said, "The ClearSpeed platform is clearly very exciting, addressing both performance per watt and space considerations essentially as a plug-in module for many existing environments. NAG is proud to have been involved in the development of the software stack for this exceptional technology and looks forward to further collaboration as ClearSpeed drives towards mainstream acceptance."

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