Fortran Modernization Workshop

Two day course

Welcome to the Fortran Modernization Workshop page.

The two day computational science-centric practical hands on workshop is aimed at Fortran programmers who want to write modern code, or modernize existing codes, to make it more readable and maintainable by encouraging good software engineering practices. Adopting good software practices makes codes more amenable to optimization and parallelization, and the path to making it a community code a whole lot easier.

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Topics will include:

  • Software engineering for computational science;
  • Modern Fortran standards and how to write optimized and efficient Fortran;
  • NetCDF and HDF5 scientific file formats for data sharing in Fortran;
  • GNU Automake to automate the build process;
  • pFUnit unit testing framework for testing Fortran codes;
  • Doxygen for Fortran code documentation;
  • Git version control for collaborative code development;
  • In-memory visualisation using PLplot in Fortran;
  • IEEE Floating Point Exception Handling
  • Fortran interoperability with C, Python and R;
  • Introduction to parallelism for Fortran.

If you are interested in hosting this workshop, please contact or if you have further queries. The syllabus can be adjusted to suit your university’s needs.

The workshop will be run completely free of charge and all material will be provided. This workshop was hosted at Cambridge University which was attended by a total of 42 delegates with an overall 80% satisfaction rate.

Below is some supplementary documentation for the workshop.