HPC Expertise from NAG

Bring substantial value to your HPC lifecycle

NAG HPC can bring substantial value to your entire HPC lifecycle. NAG experts have practical experience in procuring large supercomputers and associated support services, as users of HPC in industry and academia, as technology experts, in HPC service management, and in strategy development. NAG consultants deliver trusted, impartial, and expert advice to a range of customers across government, academia and industry.

NAG is also used by small and medium sized organizations to help them make use of their HPC systems in the most appropriate way. Projects have included data re-structuring and alternative algorithmic approaches appropriate to the new HPC topologies as well as verification of numerical results and the creation of testing processes.

HPC Services include:

  • HPC Technology Evaluation and Application Strategy
    Which hardware or software technology will provide your next step in performance or cost efficiency? How will you ensure your applications and skills are ready for future technology? Where should you focus your investment for sustainable HPC?
    HPC Technology Evaluation can help you plan for future HPC technology - securing optimum benefits and managing the challenges.
  • HPC Planning and Procurement Advice
    NAG helps you design a benchmark process that supports your HPC procurement process to achieve its performance goals and derive value for money. This might take into account the range of codes your HPC service will run in the future, selecting benchmark scoring mechanisms to drive the solution space to the right goals, and more. NAG can even manage the benchmarking process for you.
  • HPC Applications Development Support
    NAG offers an embedded support service where you call on NAG experts as needed, either on a project basis to achieve specific performance or porting goals, or on a collaborative support basis where NAG HPC staff are deployed on-site as focused members of your HPC service or application development teams.
  • HPC Technology Intelligence Service
    Providing an impartial intelligence and analysis service delivering risk-reduction and competitive insight to users, managers and owners of high performance computing technology. The HPC Technology Intelligence Service helps you find what you need to know about HPC technology with less time, effort and cost on your part and thus focus on the important information among the clutter in the HPC market.
  • Software Modernization Service
    The Software Modernization Service solves the porting and performance challenges faced by customers wishing to use the capabilities of modern computing systems, such as multi-core CPUs, GPUs and Xeon Phi. NAG HPC software engineering experts modernize the code to enable portability to appropriate architectures, optimize for performance and assure robustness.
Who are the Customers of NAG's Impartial Expert HPC Consulting?

The simple answer to that is most of our customers prefer to remain confidential, because they see a competitive advantage from using our HPC advice or services. Learn more about who our customers here by reading this blog by Andrew Jones, VP NAG HPC Business.

Reap the business benefits of partnering with NAG

NAG strongly believes in collaborative engagements. You can depend on NAG as your reliable supplier of products, services and training. NAG can also be your trusted partner - rely on NAG for specialist expertise in numerical computing, effective algorithms, or HPC. Your business can benefit by exploiting NAG's strengths, enabling your efforts to be focused on achieving your objectives.

  • Targeted delivery: NAG deliver projects with clear objectives. We can then support you in the way you decide.
  • Build capability: NAG can help you build in-house expertise, to deliver HPC service sooner. We can deliver your service, recruiting - training and mentoring your in-house team as we go - and then smoothly transition to in-house delivery.
  • Service and support: NAG can provide an integrated service or support function across any of our services and consulting offerings - giving you a stable collaborative partner to ensure continued delivery.
Features Benefits
New application capabilities Add sophisticated analytical features such as data mining, forecasting, optimisation, and statistical analysis to your product.
Speed up time-to-market Since NAG has probably already designed the components you need, partnering with us can save months from your product development schedule.
Reduced development costs NAG component licences are a fraction of the cost of developing, testing and documenting even a relatively simple mathematical component.
Reduced maintenance costs Maintaining software for new versions of operating systems, compilers or even hardware can be a costly aspect of business. NAG does the hard work for you by ensuring their components are available on all the major platforms.
Protect your investment NAG's software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advances in mathematics and statistics, ensuring that your product remains at the cutting edge of industry developments.
Access to experts NAG provides outstanding technical support. Furthermore, if you need a specific variation of a component NAG provides or something entirely new, NAG have the experts to create it for you.