HPC Planning and Procurement Advice

Trusted, impartial, and expert advice

NAG HPC consulting can bring substantial value to your entire HPC lifecycle. NAG experts have practical experience in procuring large supercomputers and associated support services, as users of HPC in industry and academia, as technology experts, in HPC service management, and in strategy development. NAG consultants deliver trusted, impartial, and expert advice to a range of customers across government, academia and industry.

Impartial technology advice

NAG is in a strong position to identify and evaluate HPC technology trends, through our numerical software development and involvement in various HPC services. We also leverage close relationships at technical and business levels with most major HPC technology companies.

NAG provides impartial advice on current and future HPC technology (hardware and software) in support of your HPC strategy, service planning or procurement.

Benchmark design and assessment

NAG helps you design a benchmark process that supports your HPC procurement process to achieve its performance goals and derive value for money. This might take into account the range of codes your HPC service will run in the future, selecting benchmark scoring mechanisms to drive the solution space to the right goals, and more. NAG can even manage the benchmarking process for you.

Plus, NAG provides a similar service for acceptance testing using benchmarks - and can add in impartial reviews by our experts for the aspects of the service that are harder to measure with benchmarks.

Procurement strategy and process advice

With experience across different user sectors, and across different parts of the user-service-buyer-supplier spectrum, NAG provides impartial expert advice to help you develop an effective strategy for HPC provision for your organisation. We also offer help with procurement strategy and process.

As one collaborator said, "NAG is impartial; NAG have done this before; NAG have the expertise and reputation. What more do you want?"