Installer's and Users' Notes for NAG Products

The Installer's Note is essential reading for the NAG Site Contact responsible for installation and maintenance of the product.

The Users' Note is essential reading for every user of the product. It provides implementation-specific detail that augments the information provided in the NAG product documentation. Wherever the documentation refers to the "Users' Note for your implementation", the user should consult this note.

Both the Installer's Note and the Users' Note are supplied on the product's distribution medium. The Notes available on-line are those that relate to recent releases of our products. Notes for previous releases may still be available, contact us for more information.

To view the Notes for a product please follow the links listed:

NAG C Library

NAG Data Mining Components

NAG Fortran Library

NAG Fortran 90 Library (fl90)

NAG Parallel Library

NAG Library for SMP & Multicore

NAG Library for Xeon Phi

NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®

NAG Library for .NET

NAG Fortran Compiler

Algorithmic Differentiation

NAG Library for Java

NAG Library for Python