NAG Downloads - C Library

Windows XP/Vista/7 x64, Intel C/C++ or Microsoft C/C++

Specific download information:

  • C Library, Mark 9
  • For x64 systems compatible
  • Using Intel C++ Compiler Intel(R) 64, version 11.1 and compatible
    Or Microsoft 64-bit C/C++ compiler, version 15.00 or compatible
  • File size / MD5sum of C Library
    98.9 MB ; 103757464 bytes ; MD5sum=2d00be5f8ef85585e6a7c5777eae059c
  • File size / MD5sum of Documentation
    106 MB ; 112157862 bytes ; MD5sum=189520640feeeea64fb394481e0d82e7
  • NAG Product Code: CLW6I09DAL


The software is provided as self-extracting executable.
Download it from here (98.9 MB),
and then run clw6i09dal_setup.exe to install the C Library.

For implementation specific information, refer to the Installer's Note and Users' Note.


You can access the documentation on our website.
You also have the option to download the self-extracting executable from here (106 MB),
and then run setup_cl09_manual.exe to install the C Library Manual.

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