Numerical Software Quality

You rely on software for your organization to progress. Applications are now often large complex assets. Numerical software brings its own set of challenges - e.g. accuracy, repeatability, performance, etc.

NAG have decades of experience in designing and conducting tests of numerical code. We have developed tools and software engineering processes that enable us to develop and maintain numerical software products with confidence.

NAG expertise in Quality Assurance for numerical software is available to help you with your applications. Our quality assurance service can help you: from the smallest most critical embedded routines to large complex parallel applications for the latest supercomputers. NAG consultants create, conduct or complement your own Testing and Quality Assurance facilities, in the specialist area of numerical computation.

Market leading hardware and software vendors around the globe make full use of NAG's particular skills to help create the best test facilities for the output of their own numerical code development teams. For example a major global software vendor commissioned NAG to verify the accuracy of functions in their spread sheet application.

Numerical testing

Development and testing of hardware specific functions
NAG have a team of experts who have worked on the provision and testing of hardware specific intrinsic functions in both C and machine code.

Use of NAG source code in compiler testing
Many major vendors license NAG library source code and/or the NAG Fortran Test Suite for compiler testing.

'NAG has had a resounding reputation for numerical excellence and innovation throughout its 40 year history' - Intel

Code development process assessment

NAG acts as independent reviewer for your numerical code development process - giving you the benefit of NAG's numerical software engineering experience and expertise. Typically we carry out one-off or periodic assessments of your in-house (or supplier) code development, testing and deployment processes, to provide you with feedback including any recommendations for improvement.

Parallel software robustness

NAG's large team of HPC programmers, provide an unrivalled software quality assurance service that addresses all aspects of HPC development - including correctness of parallel implementations, scalability issues and more.

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