18 November 2009
New documents since 30 September 2009: N1797 SC7 commenting template (Reid)

30 September 2009
New documents since 9 September 2009: N1796 Las Vegas 2010 meeting: Local Arrangements (Snyder)
N1795 Las Vegas 2010 meeting: Announcement (Reid)
N1794 Las Vegas 2010 meeting: Preliminary Agenda (Reid)

9 September 2009
New documents since 27 August 2009: N1793 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 N4484. Netherlands Contribution on The Growth of Programming Language Standards (Wakker)
N1792 Convener's report from SC22 meeting (Reid)

27 August 2009
Final CD submitted to SC22 Secretariat The final Committee Draft of Fortran 2008 has been sent to the SC22 Secretariat for balloting. The ballot due date is 29 December 2009.

New documents since 5 August 2009: N1791.pdf Final CD revision of the Fortran Standard (Cohen) - supersedes N1782

5 August 2009
New documents since 25 June 2009: N1790.doc N1790.html N1790.pdf Comments from ISO secretariat on N1782 (Cook)
N1789 WG5 Business Plan and Convener's Report for SC22 2009 Plenary (Reid)
N1788 Summary of voting on Technical Corrigendum 4 (Seitz)

25 June 2009
New documents since 15 June 2009: N1782 Draft revision of the Fortran Standard (Cohen) - supersedes N1776

15 June 2009
New documents since 21 May 2009: N1787 Coarrays in the next Fortran Standard (Reid) - supersedes N1772

21 May 2009
New documents since 11 May 2009: N1786 Index of meetings (SD7) (Muxworthy) - supersedes N1725
N1785 Draft Technical Corrigendum 4 (Muxworthy) - supersedes N1775
N1784 Draft Corrigendum 4, as sent to SC22 (Muxworthy) - supersedes N1774
N1779 Minutes of the Las Vegas 2009 meeting (Muxworthy)

11 May 2009
May meeting of WG5 and J3
The May meeting of WG5 and J3 was mostly spent in J3 mode, correcting glitches in the draft Fortran 2008 standard and making editorial improvements. WG5 agreed to two very small technical changes:
  1. In an intrinsic assignment for a polymorphic variable, do not require the expression and variable to have the same rank.
  2. Allow more than one type-bound procedure to be specified in a PROCEDURE statement.

Because of the number of changes made to the draft, it was decided that one more J3 meeting should be devoted to polishing it. Since the amount of editorial corrections after the August meeting should be less, it is anticipated that the overall delay to the standard should be about 2 months rather than 3.

Some progress was made with the Technical Report on Further Interoperability, but a revised draft is not available yet, since priority has been given to Fortran 2008. The schedule for constructing a draft TR for submission to SC22 was altered to April 2010.

Two minor changes were noticed in the edits of Corrigendum 4, which is currently out for vote, see the US TAG's vote, N1783. It is hoped that other countries will agree with these changes and vote in the same way. This should allow the corrigendum to be corrected without a further vote before publication.

New documents since 26 March 2009: N1783 US TAG vote on Technical Corrigendum 4 (Snyder)
N1781 Strategic plans (Reid)
N1780 Japan's National Activity Report (Takata)
N1778 Resolutions of the Las Vegas 2009 meeting (Muxworthy)
N1777 UK National Activity Report (Muxworthy)

26 March 2009
Draft of Fortran 2008 for discussion at the May meeting
A new draft for the Fortran 2008 standard is now available as N1776, superseding N1723, which was the draft made available last year for CD ballot. N1776 incorporates the changes agreed at the Tokyo meeting and specified in N1760.

N1776 is a very important document for the May meeting. WG5 needs to decide what minor changes are needed, given that the technical content was established at the Tokyo meeting, and whether to submit the resulting document for FCD ballot, as specified in the schedule in N1693.

New documents since 16 March 2009: N1776 Draft revision of the Fortran Standard (Cohen) - supersedes N1723

16 March 2009
Corrigendum 4 sent to SC22
Following the February meeting of J3, the following minor editorial changes were made to the draft Corrigendum 4:
  1. F03/0098 [421:27]. Insert the new text after "default-initialized subcomponent" rather than after "Allocation".
  2. F03/0099 [415:27]. In the new text: "may" -> "might".

The corrigendum was sent to SC22 today in the form of N1773 and N1774. N1775 is final version of the copy with references to page and line numbers and to interpretation identifiers.

New documents since 12 February 2009: N1775 Draft Technical Corrigendum 4 (Muxworthy) - supersedes N1771
N1774 Draft Technical Corrigendum 4 (Muxworthy), as sent to SC22
N1773 Defect reports that led to Corrigendum 4 and responses to them (Whitlock)
N1772 Coarrays in the next Fortran Standard (Reid) - superseded by N1787
N1769 Las Vegas 2009 meeting: Local Arrangements (Snyder)

12 February 2009
New documents since 30 January 2009:
N1771 Draft Technical Corrigendum 4 (Muxworthy)

30 January 2009
New documents since 8 December 2008:
N1770 Result of WG5 letter ballot 6 on Fortran 2003 interpretations (Reid)
N1768 Las Vegas 2009 meeting: Announcement (Reid)
N1767 Las Vegas 2009 meeting: Preliminary Agenda (Reid)
N1766 Result of letter ballot on the technical content of N1761 (Reid)