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The SC22/WG5 Email List

SC22/WG5 operates an electronic mailing list for distribution of information.  All valid messages sent since the mailing list started on 1991-10-06 have been archived.  Click here to access the index for the sc22wg5 email archive.  See below for other email indexes. For access to the Working Group's document archives see the SC22/WG5 home page.

Organization of the list
The address of the list is <list-name> @ <domain-name> where <list-name> is sc22wg5, and <domain-name> is

It contains both addresses of individual members and links to national sub-lists in Japan, UK and USA.  Permission to send messages to the sc22wg5 list is restricted to those named in a 'whitelist'; this contains the addresses of all the individuals in the sc22wg5 list, the addresses of members of the national sub-lists and alternative addresses (e.g. home or office) for those already included for receipt of mail.  It also includes the addresses of some staff in the secretariats of ISO member bodies and some former members of standards committees, now classed as observers.

Membership of the list
Membership is continually updated.  To request changes, address a plain English message (the system is not automatic), to the list administrator at <list-admin> @ <domain-name> where <list-admin> is sc22wg5-request and <domain-name> is as above.

Japan, UK and USA sublists
Those in Japan, the UK or the USA who wish to receive mail should contact the national list administrator.  Using the address format above, the list-admin names are respectively jwg5-request, ukfortran-owner and j3-request and the domain-names are, and respectively.  Please note that it is therefore not necessary to address a message to both the sc22wg5 list and, say, the J3 list.

The UK and USA mailing lists maintain indexes for their own messages which include sc22wg5 messages.  The indexes are continually updated but cover a shorter period than the sc22wg5 index.  These links give access: UK (available only to members of the UK list), USA.

Joining the list
Generally speaking, list administrators are happy to accommodate on these lists anyone interested in the development of Fortran standards, whether or not they are active participants in Fortran meetings.  However matters to do with particular compilers, programming techniques, programming queries and the like should be addressed to one of the open Fortran forums, for example the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup, the comp-fortran-90 mailing list or the Fortran Programmers group at LinkedIn.

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