ISO/IEC 1539-1 : 1997

(Information technology - Programming languages - Fortran - Part 1: Base language)

A previous version of the Fortran Base Language Standard, informally known as Fortran 95, was published by ISO in December 1997. It was Part 1 of the multi-part family of Fortran Standards.

Fortran 95 is a relatively minor enhancement of Fortran 90 and consists of a small number of new features, together with the incorporation of the corrections to various defects which were found in Fortran 90 following the publication of that Standard. These corrections are incorporated in three published Technical Corrigenda to ISO/IEC 1539:1991.

The major new features in Fortran 95 are:

The Draft Fortran 95 standard is available as PDF.

Two corrigenda were published, whose final drafts are visible as papers N1421 and N1472.

Many of the current compilers incorporate extensions defined by two Technical Reports:

whose final drafts are visible as N1378 and N1379. They were written as Technical Reports because the features were deemed too important to wait for the next revision of the Standard.

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