Technical Report (ISO/IEC TR 15581)

Enhanced Data Type Facilities

This Technical Report (of Type 2) defines extensions to the syntax and semantics of Fortran (as defined by the Fortran 95 standard) with regard to derived types in order to permit components of a derived type to be allocatable. It also defines extensions to the syntax and semantics to allow allocatable components to appear in function results and dummy arguments. The TR has been produced in order to provide a means of enabling compiler vendors to add enhanced data type facilities to their compilers in advance of their formal standardization as part of Fortran 2000.

It is the intention of WG5 that the syntax and semantics specified in this report will be incorporated unchanged in the next revision of Fortran, unless experience in their implementation and/or use indicates that a change is necessary. In this way, although it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no change in the final standard version, the investment of implementors will be protected as far as possible, as will that of programmers who have used these features in compilers that support them.

This Technical Report has been revised as a result of a small number of problems discovered during its incorporation into the text of the revision to the Fortran base language standard (IS1539-1:1997). The latest version is available from the WG5 file server as WG5/N1379 in both Acrobat (pdf) and PostScript formats. This version will subjected to an ISO DTR ballot.

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