WG5 Electronic Document Archive

All WG5 official documents are distributed in electronic form and are available by anonymous ftp. Most of the documents are in ASCII text, but some are provided in PostScript and Acrobat formats. A few documents are also available in HTML.

An Acrobat Reader is required to read Acrobat files, and allows the on-screen display of documents in an identical form to that used when printing the corresponding PostScript document, and also allows searching, copying of text to other documents, etc. Acrobat Readers for DOS, Windows, Macintosh, SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UNIX and SGI-IRIX are available free of charge from Adobe via the World Wide Web.

To obtain copies of any of the files in the WG5 Archive you may either use your favourite ftp utility or you may download files directly from this page.

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