People of NAG

Many globally renowned experts from the fields of mathematics and statistics and industry pioneers have helped to form NAG's longstanding reputation for outstanding, high quality software.

NAG Advisors

  • Contributors and Technical Advisors include:
    • Martin Berzins, University of Utah
    • Ken Brodlie, Professor Emeritus, University of Leeds
    • Maurice Cox, National Physical Laboratory
    • James Davenport, University of Bath
    • Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; University of Manchester
    • Stuart Feldman, Google Inc
    • Mike Giles,University of Oxford
    • Philip Gill, University of California, San Diego
    • Steve Hague, retired, NAG
    • Des Higham, University of Strathclyde
    • Nick Higham, University of Manchester
    • Michal Kocvara, University of Birmingham
    • Nick Maclaren, University of Cambridge
    • John Mansour, The Nielsen Company
    • Walter Murray, Stanford University
    • Leon Osterweil, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • James C. T. Pool, retired, California Institute of Technology
    • Damian Rouson, Stanford University
    • Michael Saunders, Stanford University
    • David Silvester, University of Manchester
    • Brian Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico
    • Anne Trefethen, University of Oxford

For information regarding these people and other NAG contributors and technical advisors, please contact us.