cxupdate - update IRIS Explorer data/resource files

cxupdate file

cxupdate converts out-of-revision IRIS Explorer data, resource, DataScribe, and map files into versions compatible with the latest release (the DataScribe program itself is not supplied with this distribution). Generally, IRIS Explorer and its related programs can read and use files created by previous revisions, but with some loss of efficiency. This program allows one to update files in a single step. The output is always a file of the latest IRIS Explorer revision.

Input files to cxupdate can be map files, module resource files, DataScribe script files, saved Lattice or Pyramid files, or any user-defined data type files written by the automatically generated API library. The old files will be left in place, but with an extension of ``.O'' (or multiple O's) and the updated file will replace the old file.

IRISExplorer(1) mbuilder(1)

Release 1 and 2 produced by the IRIS Explorer Development Group, Silicon Graphics, Inc. 1991-1994. Subsequent releases produced by The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.

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