cxinstall - builds and installs an IRIS Explorer module

cxminstall <module name>

cxinstall compiles and links the source of a specified IRIS Explorer module to create the module executable, and then installs the executable in %EXPLORERUSERHOME%\modules. It uses the module Makefile to build the executable; if the Makefile does not exist, it first creates it using the cxmkmf command.

cxinstall checks the value of the EXPLORERUSERHOME environment variable; if this has not been set, or if it cannot install into the target directory, it outputs an error message and stops.

cxinstall is provided as an alternative means of accessing some of the functionality contained in the Module Builder; it is intended for users who prefer to use a text-based command line interface such as an MS-DOS Command Prompt Window.

cxinstall is an MS-DOS batch file, which may be found in %EXPLORERHOME%\bin.

IRISExplorer(1), mbuilder(1), cxmkmf(1), cxmake(1), cxclean(1)

Release 1 and 2 produced by the IRIS Explorer Development Group, Silicon Graphics, Inc. 1991-1994. Subsequent releases produced by The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.

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