cxDataMalloc - allocate space from IRIS Explorer data memory
#include <cx/DataOps.h>

void *cxDataMalloc(size_t size)
integer function cxDataMalloc(size)
integer size
size of memory block to be allocated.
cxDataMalloc returns a pointer to a block of IRIS Explorer data memory of at least size bytes. Depending on machine architecture the space may be allocated from a shared memory arena. Otherwise space will be allocated from the module's normal data space.

Shared memory is a fixed resource, so it is possible for the allocation to fail if the shared memory is exhausted.

See cxDataManAbortOnError for more details on writing portable module code that copes well with limited memory.

cxDataRealloc, cxDataCalloc, cxDataFree, cxDataManAbortOnError

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