This module is part of the COVISA toolkit (version 2.0) of collaborative modules. A full description of the COVISA module suite and API is given in the IRIS Explorer Collaborative User Guide. You are strongly advised to read this guide before using the COVISA modules.

Once connection to the collaborative session has been achieved using the MServer module, this module can be launched.

This module is used to aid collaborators with map building. When launched, it connects to the COVISA Server and passes Skm (IRIS Explorer's scripting language) information directly to it. The control panel is split into three parts, left, middle and right.

The left part of the control panel is used for the manual entry of Skm scripting commands.

The middle part allows the user to select an action to be applied to modules highlighted in the map. The resulting, automatically generated, Skm commands are then passed to the other collaborators' Map Editors. This allows, for example, a complete map to be highlighted and re-constructed in the collaborators' Map Editor by choosing "copy map". Care should be taken when selecting modules to be sent not to include collaboratively aware modules (e.g. MShareLat) or the MAdvisor or MServer modules.

The right part of the user interface shows a list of collaborator names. Selecting a particular collaborator's name from the list allows the generated Skm commands to be targeted at a specific user.



Port: String
Type: Text
Either complete Skm strings, or appropriate components for the Skm actions listed in the "Action" menu list are entered into this typein. Pressing enter applies the action set by the "Action" menu.

Port: Action
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: Start
Menu Item: Connect
Menu Item: Set Parameter
Menu Item: Set Param Min Max
Menu Item: SKm String
The chosen action is applied to the string entered in the "String" text slot. E.g. if the string entered were "IsosurfaceLat Threshold 0.9" (without the "" marks) and the action "Set Parameter" was set, then the Skm string (set-param "IsosurfaceLat" "Threshold" "0.9") would be passed into the collaborative session. The option "Skm String" requires a complete Skm string to be entered, and is then sent 'as is'.

Port: SKM_action
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: Copy Map
Menu Item: Copy Connections
Menu Item: Copy Parameters
The chosen action is applied to the list of currently selected modules in the map when the "do_SKM_action" button is pressed. Selected modules are those that are currently highlighted. "Copy Map" reconstructs the selected module set, complete with parameter settings and wirings in the Map Editor of all collaborators. "Copy Connections" relies on an identical module set being present in the collaborators' Map Editors, and merely reconstructs the current connections. "Copy Parameters" does the same as "Copy Connections" only for the parameter set rather than the module connections.

Port: do_SKM_action
Type: Button
Applies the chosen action (see above) to the currently selected module set.

Port: Connect
Type: Button
Pressing this button causes the module to connect to the collaborative session but it is only visible if the module is unconnected. Since the module attempts to connect automatically after being launched, this button is generally not seen.

Port: Conference List
Type: Scroll List
Lists the names of all members of the collaborative session (except your own), and has a default selection of All. Selecting All causes the Skm commands generated by this module to be sent to all members of the collaborative session (except yourself). Selecting a particular username allows the generated Skm commands to be targeted at a specific user (such as a collaborator who joins late).

Port: Menu_String
Type: Text
DO NOT USE THIS PORT. It is reserved for the module to communicate with underlying Skm commands.

Port: SKM_Port
Type: Text
DO NOT USE THIS PORT. It is reserved for the module to communicate with underlying Skm commands.



Wiring parameters into either the "Menu_String" or "SKM_Port" ports may cause the module to crash.


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The IRIS Explorer COVISA collaborative module suite and API was developed at the University of Leeds.

You are referred to the IRIS Explorer Collaborative User Guide for more information.

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