This module takes a slice through a 3D pyramid of cells and outputs the colored plane as geometry. This module intersects the elements with a plane and creates polygons. The polygons are colored at each vertex with the interpolated value. It can handle pyramids containing faces with up to four sides.


Port: Input
Type: Pyramid
Constraints: 3..-layer
Constraints: 1..-baseLat
Constraints: n-D compression
Constraints: n-compression type
This is the input pyramid to be sliced.

Port: Transform
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 2-D
Constraints: 1-vector
Constraints: float
This is the input transform for the slice plane.

Port: Colormap
Type: Lattice
Optional: This port is optional
Constraints: 1-D
Constraints: 4-vector
Constraints: float
This is an optional colormap for the interpolated scalar value.



Port: Isosurface
Type: Geometry
This is the output slice.


This module tests every pyramid element for intersection with the slice plane. This can be slow for very large datasets.


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