The IRIS ExplorerTM Widgets

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Using IRIS Explorer Widgets

A widget is a control in a graphical user interface (e.g. a button or slider). Module behaviour is controlled by parameters which either arrive via the module input port, are controlled by a widget on the maximised control panel, or both.

The following widget types are available for an IRIS Explorer control panel:

  • Button
  • Slider (horizontal or vertical)
  • Dial
  • Text box
  • Scrolled list
  • Drawing area
  • Radio button
  • Option menu
  • File browser
  • Check box
  • Multi-line text box

Interaction with these widgets is achieved using the left-hand mouse button, and (where appropriate) type-in of text. Users are also able to edit numerical values on dials and sliders (including the maximum and minimum values) by selecting with the left-hand mouse button, typing a new value and pressing <Enter>.

Examples of IRIS Explorer Widgets

Examples of IRIS Explorer control panel widgets are shown in the figures below.

Figure 5.1: The LineGraph maximised control panel

Figure 5.2: The ReadLat file browser and TransformGen maximised control panel

Figure 5.3: The BrowseFile maximised control panel

Figure 5.4: Part of the Contour maximised control panel

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