cxGeoGridDefine - create a grid geometry object
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

cxGeo cxGeoGridDefine( int nu, int nv, float *point )
integer function cxGeoGridDefine(nu,nv,point)
integer nu
integer nv
real point(3, nu, nv)
Number of grid samples in the u direction.
Number of grid samples in the v direction.
An array of XYZ triples for grid sample coordinates.
This function creates a grid, a two-dimensional surface regularly sampled in parameter space. There should be nu*nv grid sample coordinates in the array point with the nu index varying fastest.

The return value is a tag for this object that may be used to reference it at a later time with cxGeoFocus(3E).

Valid attributes are colors, normals, and transparencies. Attribute distribution may be CX_GEO_PER_OBJECT, CX_GEO_PER_FACE, CX_GEO_PER_VERTEX, or CX_GEO_PER_VERTEX_INDEXED.

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