cxInWdgtScrollListItemsInsert - insert items listed in an array of character strings into a list widget
#include <cx/UI.h>

void cxInWdgtScrollListItemsInsert (const char *portname, const char *listEntriesString, int index)
subroutine cxInWdgtScrollListItemsInsert (portname, numEntries,
listEntriesString, int index)
character* portname, listEntriesString
integer index
This is the name of the input parameter port whose widget is to get new items
This is a string of newline terminated substrings that make up the list of items to insert. "listEntriesString" should be a single null-terminated string composed of substrings representing each selected item in order. These substrings should be separated by newline characters("\n"). The last substring should also have a terminating newline.
This is the position to start inserting list items into the list.

This is the IRIS Explorer Widget Library call used to insert a series of items to an IRIS Explorer Scrolled List widget. They are inserted starting at the position indicated by the value "index". Items inserted at position 1 will start at the beginning of the list.

Sample call:

cxInWdgtScrollListItemsInsert (

        "Dynamic Scroll List",
        "Line 1\nLine 2\n",

would insert new items: "Line 1" and "Line 2", starting at list position 1. The parameter value for the widget is set to be the empty string.

cxInWdgtScrollListItemsDelete(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSel(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSelSet(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSet(3E)
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