cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSelSet - select and set a series of items in an list widget
#include <cx/UI.h>

void cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSelSet (const char *portname, int numEntries, const char *listEntriesString, int numSel, const int *selArray)
subroutine cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSelSet (portname, numEntries, listEntriesString)
character* portname, listEntriesString
integer numEntries
This is the name of the input parameter port
This is the number of list items in the list entry string
This is a string of newline terminated substrings that make up the new list of items. "listEntriesString" should be a single null-terminated string composed of substrings representing each selected item in order. These substrings should be separated by newline characters "('\n')". The last substring should also have a terminating newline.
This is the number of list items in the selected list entry array
This an array of integers that represent indexes into the list of items; those indexed items are to be selected.

This is the IRIS Explorer Widget Library call used to assign a series of items to an IRIS Explorer Scrolled List widget, and select some or all of them. Any items in the scrolled list widget prior to the call are deleted, then a new list of items from the character string "listEntriesString" are inserted in order.

The item indexing scheme is 1 based, so the to select the first element in the array, used the index 1. Out of bounds indices will be ignored.

Sample module call:

  const int *selArray;
  selArray = calloc(2, sizeof(int));
  selArray[0] = 1;
  selArray[1] = 2;
        "Name List",
        "Item 1\nItem 2\nItem 3\n",

This would result in deleting any prior list items, and adding list "Name List" with 3 list items, "Item 1", "Item 2" and "Item 3". The list items "Item 1" and "Item 2" also would be selected. The parameter value for that widget is the string "Item 1\nItem 2\n".

cxInWdgtScrollListItemsDelete(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsInsert(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSel(3E), cxInWdgtScrollListItemsSet(3E)
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