cxOutputDataFlush - transmit the data associated with an output port
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

void cxOutputDataFlush (int port)
subroutine cxOutputDataFlush(port)
integer port
Descriptor of the port to flush.
cxOutputDataFlush causes the data associated with an output port to be flushed to downstream modules immediately. The data is not transmitted again when the user function returns unless the user function associates a new piece of data with the port via cxOutputDataSet.

Data is also put on the "Firing Done" port and flushed to downstream modules.

Most modules need never use this routine because any data associated with an output port when the user function returns is automatically flushed downstream. However, modules that need to send multiple outputs need to be aware that input processing only occurs between firings of the user function. Hence, the temptation to write a module that never returns and generates output cycles via its own internal loop should be avoided.

cxOutputSendNow(3E), cxOutputDataFlushAll(3E), cxOutputNoSync(3E).
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