cxQmeshCoords - interpolate coordinates from grid points to cell centers
#include <cx/Qmesh.h>

void cxQmeshCoords(long m, long n, float *points)
subroutine cxQmeshCoords( m, n, points )
integer m, n
real points(*)
Number of grid points in I (first) dimension.
Number of grid points in J (second) dimension.
Array of m x n x 3 floating point coordinates of the grid points.
cxQmeshCoords interpolates the coordinates of the grid cell centers from their corner coordinates in the m x n grid, whose grid coordinates must be stored in points on input. The answers are appended to points, which should be allocated to contain three floating point words times the number of points returned by cxQmeshNumPoints.

The interpolated coordinates are stored in an order compatible with calls to routines cxQmeshData, cxQmeshTris, and their auxiliary routines.

cxGeoTrisDefine(3E), cxGeoGridDefine(3E), cxQmeshData(3E), cxQmeshNumPoints(3E), cxQmeshNumTris(3E), cxQmeshNextInd(3E),
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