This module appends metallic material to input geometry data. You can change the properties of the metal by editing color, saturation and specular values. If you set the saturation to a lower value, the metal becomes like silver or iron. To represent some metals, such as gold, you have to set the specular property to a value other than 0.

Here are some examples of combinations of these three parameters:

Silver: Hue = any, Saturation = 0.0, Specular = 0.0 Gold: Hue = 0.13, Saturation = 1.0, Specular = 0.3 Champaign Gold: Hue = 0.13, Saturation = 0.5, Specular = 0.0 Blue Steel: Hue = 0.7, Saturation = 1.0, Specular = 0.0

For best results, choose a bright color for the background of the Render screen.


Port: Input
Type: Geometry

Original geometry data. Fan-input is accepted.


Port: Hue
Type: Dial

Specify the color of metal.

Port: Saturation
Type: Dial

If you set a lower value, the metal becomes like silver.

Port: Specular
Type: Dial

Specify shine color.


Port: Output
Type: Geometry

Resulting geometry data.


The object generated by this module does not reflect any surrounding objects. (Other rendering algorithms such as ray tracing will bring better results.)


Bleach, Plastic, Glass

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