Over the next few months, scattered in between our technical blog posts, we are going to publish interviews with NAG colleagues. Our first interview is with Mick Pont.

Mick, what is your role at NAG? 

I'm a Principal Technical Consultant, and Deputy Manager of the Development Division.

I'm involved in the development and peer review of new NAG Library software and documentation, and in the scheduling of software production in line with company targets.

In "project management" speak, I'm named as "Executive" for the NAG Mark 26 Library (the NAG Library, Mark 25 is due for launch in April 2015) project, which means that I'm supposed to "provide support and advice to the project manager, and ensure that the project outcome is good and provides NAG with increased value".

I also produce the NAG Technical Support rotas (most of the NAG development team are on one or other of these rotas regularly). Handling support calls is a good way to get to know our customers, understand the issues they face and help solve them.
I build and test most of the Windows-based libraries that NAG produces, but I'm an operating system agnostic - I like to use Linux and other systems too.
I often go on customer site visits with my sales colleagues, as technical backup.

I also teach various training courses for NAG software, including the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB® and the NAG Library; these training days usually take place at customer sites.

Can you give examples of the customer problems you help solve when you’re in your support role?

Helping users get their NAG software and licence keys installed correctly; helping them migrate from one version of the NAG Library to another; advising on the best NAG routine to solve a particular problem.

Tell us something special/unusual about life at NAG?

We try to celebrate all of the world's festivals where appropriate. Icelandic cream bun day is a big favourite of mine.

Tell us something special/unusual about yourself?

I'm a solipsist, and I choose not to believe in this question.

What industry events are you going to be attending this year?

Lots of training days at customer sites around the UK, and later in the year I will be attending SC15 in Austin, Texas.

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