Andrew Jones

Andrew is responsible for NAG's HPC Services & Consulting business. This includes leading the growth of the HPC business, developing strategic relationships within the supercomputing community, and keeping up with the future skills, technologies and products for the world of high performance computing.

Andrew is also part of the team providing the HECToR national supercomputing service, and in particular coordinates relationships with other international organisations offering a similar type of service.

Andrew has over 15 years of experience in scientific computing and HPC. Andrew was originally a researcher in government and industrial settings using computational modelling and HPC to investigate various phenomena, and developing software to support this research. Before joining NAG, Andrew was part of the management team of the supercomputing centre at the University of Manchester, involved in running the CSAR national supercomputing service, a technical manager in the early days of PRACE, and many other HPC projects. Andrew has been an end-user, software developer, service provider, manager and buyer of HPC, and has undertaken several consulting projects, including independent reviews of HPC programmes/projects in government and industry.

Andrew is interested in future concerns of the HPC community, including exascale, application performance, skills development, and broadening usage.

Andrew writes for the NAG Blog and can be found on twitter as @hpcnotes. He also contributes to other news sites and blogs.

Andrew Jones