Your HPC questions answered by NAG consulting

There is no easy 'one size fits all' best solution for HPC. Ensuring that you deliver the best impact to your business or research goals, with a well-understood and sustainable financial foundation, requires a strategy and implementation tailored to your specific situation. This will take account of your user needs, vision, technical and commercial constraints, corporate structures, risk tolerance, staffing, and more. 

Cloud computing for HPC?

NAG can help you fairly evaluate where cloud computing fits into your HPC needs. 

  • How does cloud compare with on-site or other HPC delivery options in terms of capabilities, technical and business benefits, risks, TCO, etc?
  • What is the truth behind the marketing?
  • Should you migrate to the cloud - and if so, when and how?

NAG is agnostic and impartial on the key question of HPC and the cloud - but with the rare breadth of experience and knowledge to deliver reliable insight to your decision making. 

HPC Total Cost of Ownership

NAG has developed an impartial HPC Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator to help you compare costs of different options for HPC, including cloud vs on-premise. This calculator is provided as a working example of a TCO model. The example HPC TCO calculator will help you:

  • quickly estimate your TCO;
  • learn the basics of TCO models;
  • explore whether you need a more complex model.
Video: how to use the TCO calculator
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