HPC Planning & Procurement

Trusted, impartial, expert advice based on practical experience
HPC Acquisition and Service Planning

Our team have helped many organizations around the world to plan for and acquire supercomputers and other HPC systems. With experience based on over 40 relevant projects and around $1bn of customer budgets, our team can provide you with the vital experience and expertise to ensure your HPC procurement delivers the best business value and cost-effective solution to your organization. Our help can span all of the HPC planning and procurement cycle, or just the parts you need help with.

Benchmark design and assessment

NAG can help with:

  • Requirements capture and analysis
  • Business case
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Researching market capability, technology and solutions
  • Establishing achievable budget and delivery goals
  • Procurement strategy
  • RFP/ITT documentation
  • Benchmark design and management
  • Robust bid scoring mechanisms
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Acceptance testing
  • Migration to production user service

We would be delighted to work in a highly collaborative manner with your existing team – where possible, we augment in-house expertise and experience, not replace it. We can add capacity/effort if your team is resource-stretched during the procurement life. Or we can add depth and breadth to the team, perhaps adding expertise in specific areas, or bringing the benefit of our experience across many and diverse HPC projects. NAG has close relationships with all major HPC providers and insight into their technologies, roadmaps, and customer experience. NAG is wholly impartial and independent, so you can trust the advice we give you as being in your best interests.

NAG’s professional HPC technology and procurement specialists can help to substantially de-risk your planning and procurement – giving you greater confidence and delivering the right solution for your organization at the right cost. Contact us

How to Buy a Supercomputer - Lessons Learned from NAG

Impartial technology advice

NAG is in a strong position to identify and evaluate HPC technology trends, through our numerical software development and involvement in various HPC services. We also leverage close relationships at technical and business levels with most major HPC technology companies.

NAG provides impartial advice on current and future HPC technology (hardware and software) in support of your HPC strategy, service planning or procurement.

An HPC services client said:

"NAG is impartial; NAG have done this before; NAG have the expertise and reputation. What more do you want?"