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Licence world-class quality, maintained, documented algorithmic code plus consultancy and collaborations
Enhanced application accuracy, speed and flexibility

NAG's mathematical and statistical software capabilities underpin thousands of the world's most prominent software applications. Because of this coverage and long standing reputation for accuracy, speed and flexibility, many blue chip software and hardware vendors have chosen to partner with NAG to enhance their own product offerings.

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"NAG software and experts gave us the confidence to translate our ideas into market-leading software for our company." Dan Fishback, DemandTec

Reap the business benefits of partnering with NAG
Features Benefits
New application capabilities Add sophisticated analytical features such as data mining, forecasting, optimization, and statistical analysis to your product.
Speed up time-to-market Since NAG has probably already produced the components you need, partnering with us can save months from your product development schedule.
Reduced development costs NAG component license costs are often a fraction of the cost of developing, testing and documenting even a relatively simple mathematical component.
Reduced maintenance costs Maintaining software for new versions of operating systems, compilers or even hardware can be a costly aspect of business. NAG does the hard work for you by ensuring their components are enabled on all the major platforms.
Protect your investment NAG's software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advances in mathematics and statistics, ensuring that your product remains at the cutting edge of industry developments.
Access to experts NAG provides outstanding technical support to help you as you develop your application. Furthermore, if you need a specific variation of a component NAG provides or something entirely new, NAG have the experts to create it for you.