NAG Academic Community Program

Freedom and flexibility of use for enhanced learning

The NAG Academic Community Program is designed to give universities and other degree granting institutions the freedom and flexibility of unrestricted use of NAG's product portfolio at significantly lower costs than standard.

The program has been developed to allow freedom from the usual restrictions found within standard software licence agreements so that both staff and students can work freely and independently or as part of a wider collaborative project with ease.

There are even ways to allow those not working within the site to use the software and contribute to projects.

The NAG Academic Community Program is available globally, however different programs are available for institutions in UK & Ireland, North America and Japan. Please contact us directly to learn more about NAG's Education Agreements.

Program Options

NAG products in the program are grouped together for ease of purchasing and licences are available for both site-wide and departmental usage.

Key features

Unrestricted users
  • Improves cost-effectiveness of teaching provision
  • Provides freedom from demanding management problems, allowing high usage spikes from courses
  • Enables occasional use without restriction
Unrestricted CPUs
  • Fully utilises central server facilities
  • Enables compute-intensive studies
Unrestricted implementations
  • Allows choice of the compiler/language best suited to each project, without cost restriction
  • Supports multiple applications on the same system
  • Allows the adoption of new compiler technology as soon as it becomes available, without upgrade costs
  • MATLAB, Python, Java, Excel/VBA, C/C++, Fortran, SMP & Multicore
Unrestricted installations
  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Enables free off-site and home use for authorised staff and students
  • Allows the switching of products to match projects
Multi-year contracts
  • Provides certainty in library and compiler provision for extended periods of time
Large user base
  • Join a wide community of NAG users, providing feedback and suggestions to further improve the ever-evolving NAG technology
Support included
  • Access world-renowned experts in all areas of mathematics and statistics

For more information or to receive a quote for department or site-wide licences please contact us.