NAG and Cloudera: How to call NAG Library routines from Cloudera using Spark

Posted on
5 Oct 2016

NAG has recently announced a new partnership with Cloudera. Cloudera is a software company that provides Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services, and training to business customers.

Cloudera's open-source Apache Hadoop distribution targets enterprise-class deployments of that technology. Cloudera also donates engineering output upstream to the various Apache-licensed open source projects (Apache Hive, Apache Avro, Apache HBase and so on) that combine to form the Hadoop platform. Cloudera is also a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

The first fruits from our partnership is engineering the NAG Library algorithms so they can be called from Cloudera to enhance the accuracy and speed of processing for a range of problem types. NAG are also able to provide advice about the most appropriate approach, using NAG routines or others, to solving numerical problems in a Cloudera Hadoop environment.

To learn how to call NAG Library routines from Cloudera using Spark visit here, alternatively, if you have any questions simply email us and an expert will get back to you as soon as possible.