NAG announces numerical library optimised for AMD platforms to speed numerical computations

Oxford, UK and Chicago, IL, USA – The world's leading provider of mathematical and statistical algorithms, the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), are delighted to announce joint work with AMD to produce a core numerical library optimized for existing and upcoming AMD processors including the AMD Opteron™ and AMD Athlon™ 64 processors.

The AMD Core Math library (ACML) will initially incorporate BLAS, LAPACK and FFT routines, which can be used by a wide range of software developers to obtain excellent performance from their applications running on AMD platforms.

NAG has been the key producer of numerical libraries for industry and academia for more than 30 years and its products, such as the NAG Libraries, have a worldwide quality reputation for accuracy, reliability and robustness. Thousands of organisations across a diverse range of industries have seen the benefits of embedding NAG’s numerical and statistical components into their applications.

"NAG is delighted to work with AMD on this key technology for the software developer community," said Dr Brian Ford, CEO of NAG. "The combination of NAG’s numerical excellence and library building expertise combined with AMD’s architecture will undoubtedly be a winning combination for ACML".

"NAG is well aware of the importance of having a high-performance, robust set of standard routines available to software developers," continued Dr Ford, "NAG itself builds on these core routines when producing the NAG Libraries of higher-level components. NAG fully expects the AMD x86-64 technology to be an important platform for the high performance computing community and hence the NAG Libraries will be ported to that platform."

ACML is expected to be available to developers on the AMD website during the second Quarter of 2003. Going forward, NAG and AMD will continue to maintain and develop ACML so software developers will be able to rely on the proven accuracy, robustness and reliability of the library to give them the correct answers – quickly and efficiently.

"AMD sought a best-of-breed solution for the development and maintenance of ACML, a key tool for developers of computationally intensive applications," said Rich Heye, vice president platform and infrastructure, Computation Products Group, AMD. "NAG’s product strength and the productive working relationship between our two companies will help ensure AMD is able to deliver ACML to our customers and partners on time and with excellent scalability and reliability."

About NAG

With over thirty years of experience in developing mathematical and statistical components, compilers and tools plus 3D data visualization software, NAG and its products have a worldwide reputation for accuracy, robustness and reliability. Over 10,000 organisations spanning the globe rely on NAG’s software and services to enhance their applications. NAG software is used by business, industry and education to solve problems, however complex, in areas such as research, engineering, life and earth sciences, and financial analysis. NAG has its headquarters in the UK and has offices in Germany, Japan and North America, plus distributors worldwide.

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