NAG Consulting Services

Surpass all expectations...

By utilizing NAG's Consulting Services for your bespoke software development you will gain access to the very experts who develop NAG's globally renowned mathematical and statistical components. Our knowledge, experience and wisdom coupled with the extensive product portfolio will deliver software that meets your needs precisely.

NAG's technical expertise in mathematical computation, visualization and software engineering spans four decades and is responsible for many 'world firsts', including the first f90 compiler, and many other outstanding achievements.

The following are some of the ways organizations benefit from NAG's consulting expertise:

Provision of Tailored Solutions in Fortran and C

NAG's development teams are available to produce tailored routines or applications to meet your particular needs. We can also develop complete tailored packages for a wide range of platforms. NAG has experience of working in many business sectors and application areas (e.g. Portfolio Optimization).

Porting and Improving Fortran Code

For many years NAG's primary development language has been Fortran. Consequently, we have unrivalled experience in developing and re-engineering code to be readily ported from one system to another. To assist this process NAG has developed a range of tools for checking and improving Fortran code in order to make the porting exercise and future maintenance easier. These tools provide the basis for this service.

Data Visualization Service

NAG's IRIS ExplorerTM can be used to excellent effect to visualize your data. If you don't want to spend time learning to use visualization packages, let us have your data and we'll work with you to help you understand it (and produce some interesting pictures!).

Tailored Training Seminars

Training programmes can be arranged for most of our products. Seminars can be tailored to your particular needs and can take place at a suitable location of your choice.

Reap the business benefits of utilizing NAG's products and services

Features Benefits
New application capabilities Add sophisticated analytical features such as data mining, forecasting, optimization, and statistical analysis to your product.
Speed up time-to-market Since NAG has probably already produced the components you need, partnering with us can save months from your product development schedule.
Reduced development costs NAG component licenses are a fraction of the cost of developing, testing and documenting even a relatively simple mathematical component.
Reduced maintenance costs Maintaining software for new versions of operating systems, compilers or even hardware can be a costly aspect of business. NAG does the hard work for you by ensuring their components are enabled on all the major platforms.
Protect your investment NAG's software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advances in mathematics and statistics, ensuring that your product remains at the cutting edge of industry developments.
Access to experts NAG provides outstanding technical support. Furthermore, if you need a specific variation of a component NAG provides or something entirely new, NAG have the experts to create it for you.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from NAG's consulting services, select any of the links in the top right box, or contact us to discuss your needs.