NAG in Education

Setting the standard for education in North America

Leading North American universities choose NAG as their key supplier of mathematical and statistical software because of its unrivaled ability to achieve first-class results both quickly and accurately, in a vast range of mathematical and statistical areas.

NAG's roots are firmly placed in the education of undergraduates and post graduates. NAG is committed to serving academia and continues to update its product portfolio as new teaching methods arise and existing areas evolve. This ensures that the software features increased functionality with every new release, future-proofing your investment.

By utilizing NAG's products in your teaching methods you will also gain access to NAG's comprehensive product documentation which is renowned for the detailed information that it contains thus helping students gain a clear understanding of the techniques used.

Bringing outstanding learning capabilities at affordable prices.

NAG offers universities and other educational consortiums the opportunity to gain site-wide access to its product portfolio at significant discounts. All of NAG's outstanding numerical libraries, compilers and tools are available through the site license programs we offer.

To learn more about these and other academic programs, please contact us.

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