Is NAG HPC Applications Performance and Scalability Expertise the Secret Sauce in your Supercomputing?

ISC13, Leipzig, Germany
(Embargoed June 10th, 2013)

Last year, NAG revealed that customers across 5 of the 6 inhabited continents had benefitted from NAG's High Performance Computing (HPC) Expertise through NAG HPC Services and Consulting. Today, NAG is delighted to reveal that not only are these customers coming back for more (to date, all customers have renewed rather than let their contract expire, with a number of customers asking for expansions), but some customers have come to regard NAG HPC Expertise as one of the key assets that make up their competitive advantage in the provision and use of HPC compared to their competitors. One anonymous customer even declared "I dread the day my competitors find out about NAG's HPC Services - I regard NAG's HPC services as a real advantage in our HPC program".

With a team of HPC experts comparable in size to major supercomputing centres, NAG's HPC Services and Consulting helps customers to secure the performance benefits of HPC through software engineering services to deliver performance, scalability and algorithmic innovation to customer application software; together with impartial advice on strategy, technology and procurement; training programs for users and developers; and other customized use of NAG's HPC expertise.

NAG's publicly acknowledged HPC Services & Consulting customers include:

  • The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) procure and manage the UK's national academic supercomputing services on behalf of Research Councils UK. The current national supercomputing service, HECToR includes a comprehensive Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Support Service, operated by NAG.
  • HPC Wales is an innovative collaboration of Welsh universities which gives businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use supercomputing technology, expert support, and collaborative research. NAG provides CSE support to HPC Wales and its customers.
  • The Centre for HPC (CHPC), South Africa. The CHPC is one of three primary pillars of the South African national cyber-infrastructure provision, providing HPC facilities, skills and collaborations to academics and industry. NAG provides CSE support to CHPC and its customers.

For these and other undisclosed customers in both the commercial and public sectors, NAG has delivered in excess of 50 successful HPC projects. These have included application performance and scalability improvements (from 2x to 40x), enhancements to the features and implementation of scientific codes, benchmarking and technology evaluation, and procurement advice. NAG HPC Expertise has been applied to a wide variety of application areas including materials science, oceanography, atmospheric science, fluid turbulence, and molecular dynamics, seismic processing, finite element modelling, and more; and to a range of customer HPC platforms, such as Cray and IBM supercomputers, x86 clusters, Intel Xeon Phi systems, GPU based systems, amongst others.

NAG customers have enjoyed major benefits to their science or business objectives. NAG's HECToR CSE Support Service in particular has produced a series of reports showing the real and substantial increases in science that can be secured by investing in software innovation in addition to the supercomputing hardware. This also translates to a cost saving for the funding body - since a given amount of science can be achieved with less computing resource and time. These reports can be found at: which can be found at:

Industrial users of HPC benefit in the same manner - by exploiting NAG expertise to realize the performance potential and cost effectiveness of their existing and planned hardware investments.

Headquartered in Oxford, NAG has additional offices in Manchester, Chicago, Tokyo and Taipei, serving HPC Services and Consulting customers around the world - spanning multinational companies, academic supercomputing users, and national funding agencies, amongst others.

For further information on NAG HPC Services and Consulting, please visit NAG at booth # 650 at ISC13, or visit the website.