NAG Library for Python on Windows


The use of this product is controlled by the Kusari license management system, version 2.2-88.

In order to enable the software, NAG will issue you with a license key. The license key is contained in a text file consisting of details of the software that will be enabled.

For evaluation purposes a trial license may be used.

Before obtaining a full license you need to know the Kusari hostid of the system on which you intend to use this product. How to do this is described below.

To request a license key, run the Kusari Install GUI located in the license/bin/w32 subdirectory of the software distribution. This will help you to build a standard message requesting either a trial key or a full key which can be pasted into an email to the NAG Technical Support Service. This message will include the Kusari hostid.

Run the Kusari Install GUI and click on the Request New Licence button to bring up the New Licence Request form. Fill in your details and click on Generate Licence Request, then paste the generated information into your email client and send it to the NAG address given at the top of the generated information.

The NAG support team will send you the Kusari license key by email.

A short term (demonstration or trial) license key contains one or more lines like the following:

CLW6I26DE TRIAL 2017/12/12 "EMnxidA3oeoj0F1Yvi5ibxPjB7"

Specifically, it has a line containing the word TRIAL.

Longer term license keys must be locked to a specific computer, i.e. they will enable the software on one computer only.

These license keys typically include the word NODE or FULL instead of the word TRIAL above and may contain extra fields.

Once you have obtained one of the above license keys, the Kusari Installer program may be used to install the key in the Windows Registry. Paste the key into the edit box on the main Kusari Installer dialog and then click on the Install Licence Key button to install it.

Further details about Kusari and how it may be configured to suit your local circumstances (e.g. how to install the license key on a server) are included in the Kusari License Management documentation in the license/doc subdirectory of the software distribution.

In particular, the bin directory contains the Kusari Version 2.2 daemons and utilities. The binaries are in the following platform-specific sub-directories.

  • linux_x64
    • Intel64 and AMD64 Linux
  • linux_x86
    • x86 Linux
  • macx64
    • Apple Mac OS X (64-bit Intel)
  • w32
    • Microsoft Windows (32-bit x86)
  • w64
    • Microsoft Windows (64-bit x64)

If you need the Kusari binaries for other platforms (e.g. to run a license server on a different system) please contact NAG.

See also the Kusari FAQ:

and the licensing section of the Installer's Note for the NAG C Library