NAG Partner | Deltatheta UK Ltd

Deltatheta products focus on the needs of leading engineering software providers, academic and R&D institutions, and engineering companies in areas such as automotive, motorsport, aerospace, discrete manufacturing and process industries.

Deltatheta provide modelling, simulation and integration tools for engineers working on multi-domain problems based on Modelica® open standards (a language for modelling complex physical systems).

Their products include Vertex®, an integrated Modelica® design and simulation product that delivers multi-domain coverage through the design and engineering process, and Converge® which is focused on Modelica model management. They also provide the Modelica SDK, which enables the embedding of Modelica® capability into existing software to provide custom applications, design and simulation platforms as well as non-simulation uses.

Working with NAG

Deltatheta incorporate a wide range of the reliable high performance routines from the NAG Library to provide valuable features for their software products.

Deltatheta has now become a part of ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading provider of Virtual Engineering solutions.