NAG Partner | Oracle Financial Services

Oracle® is a world leader in providing IT solutions to the financial services industry, with more than 625 customers in over 120 countries. Its range of products, custom solutions and consulting services enable many institutions to cut costs, respond rapidly to market needs, enhance customer service levels and mitigate risk.

Risk Management

One of Oracle Financial Services's key products, ReveleusTM, is a suite of analytical applications for the financial services industry focused in the areas of risk management, customer insight, and enterprise-wide financial performance. Reveleus' Risk Analytics product solves the most complex global challenges facing the financial industry today, including multi-jurisdictional Basel II compliance and operational risk management.

Mathematical and statistical components from NAG

Oracle Financial Services identified the need to enhance its Financial Services Analytical Applications "Modeling Framework" with additional statistical and data mining functionality. Recognizing NAG's global reputation for high quality, tried and tested numerical components, Oracle turned to NAG to provide the required software needed to enhance their Financial Services Analytical Applications.

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