NAG at SC13

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26 Nov 2013

A short summary of news from or about NAG at SC13.

Quick fact: NAG is one of very few organizations that have been at every SC since the series started.

Attacking the HPC skills need: NAG Supercomputing Support Service passes milestone of 2000 course attendees
NAG announces the latest milestone in addressing the skills needs of the scientific computing community by providing the skills required to effectively exploit HPC systems - over 2000 attendees have now benefitted from NAG's highly rated HPC training courses under the UK's national Computational Support and Engineering (CSE) Support Service. Read full press release ...(link is external)

Tutorial on HPC procurement: Room was packed!(link is external)

New Services to underpin and innovate your numerical computing revealed by NAG
NAG revealed new services to enable users of numerical computing to benefit from NAG's four decades of experience and expertise in numerical solutions. NAG has delivered proven solutions in this area through its trusted Numerical Libraries for over four decades. In response to customer interest, NAG is now launching its Numerical Services to deliver the expertise and experience behind these highly reputed Libraries directly to developers and users of numerical computing applications - whether they use NAG products or not. This follows the success of NAG's HPC Services business and enables customer access to the full range of NAG experts - numerical analysts, computer scientists, mathematicians, algorithm developers, software engineers, and more. Read full press release ...(link is external)

NAG staff member on Scientific Computing(link is external) Sound Byte: Nechelle Dismer on Seeing Two Sides of the Conference(link is external)

More HPC Innovation Awards for NAG at SC13
NAG has been awarded another two HPC Innovation Excellence Awards at SC13, Denver. The awards recognised NAG's HPC software innovations on two projects, CABARET and INCOMPACT 3D, undertaken by NAG's Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Service, part of the UK's HECToR national supercomputing service. These two projects recognised by the HPC Innovation Awards at the world's largest supercomputing conference are among over 50 similarly successful application performance improvement projects within NAG's HECToR CSE Service. NAG is delighted to have its world class HPC Software Services acknowledged in this way for the second time. Read full press release ...(link is external)

HPC Quiz: How Do Your SC13 Credentials Stack Up?(link is external) (by @hpcnotes(link is external) for HPC Wire(link is external))

NAG to broaden 64-bit ARMv8-A ecosystem
NAG announces a new technical collaboration with ARM, the world's leading semiconductor IP supplier. NAG's highly skilled team of HPC experts, numerical analysts and computer scientists will ensure the algorithms in the NAG Library and the facilities of the NAG Fortran Compiler are available for use on ARM's 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture-based platforms. By working with NAG, ARM is greatly enhancing the strong HPC infrastructure for ARMv8-A architecture through the enablement of numerical computation at its release. Read full press release ...(link is external)

And looking to the future: SC14 will be in New Orleans, SC15 in Austin and SC16 in Salt Lake City. See you there!