NAG Webinar: Tools and Methods for Application Performance Profiling

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Online Webinar

What will I gain from attending?

This webinar provides an overview of the available methods for profiling HPC applications. Participants will learn about the different analysis approaches and where they should be used. The primary focus will be on the analysis of parallel application performance (MPI and OpenMP) but we will also cover single thread performance (efficient memory use, I/O analysis etc.) Examples will be shown using various profiling tools, however, no prior knowledge of these tools is assumed. Following the webinar attendees can expect to have an understanding of the available types of profiling tool, and how to choose an appropriate tool to diagnose potential performance issues in their own applications.

Who is this webinar intended for?

This webinar targets an audience with beginning to intermediate programming knowledge who wish to understand how to improve application performance. It is specifically intended for those who are writing applications making use of parallelisation, though the discussions of serial, memory and I/O profiling are of relevance for serial applications also. An understanding of HPC architecture and programming paradigms will be useful but is not essential.

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