Numerical Algorithms Group - Support Overview

NAG endeavours to ensure that all our customers gain maximum benefit from the investment they make when they license our products and services. The first method of achieving this is by the continuous development of products and services, which are well designed for their purpose and engineered to high quality standards, with all the rigorous preparation and testing that requires.

When you have licensed software from us, we want to ensure that you:

  • Receive it in a timely manner
  • Can install it simply and satisfactorily
  • Can exploit the functionality of the product for your applications

NAG offers an extensive range of services and support facilities, from information and advice available to all users to specialised technical provision for those customers paying specifically for support and maintenance. The following pages provide detailed information about support offered by NAG:

NAG's web site provides a valuable resource for product information, implementation availability, technical documentation and demonstrations as well as general information about NAG.

NAG is proud of the quality of the products and services that we provide, and we always welcome comments on improvements you require. Please feel free to contact us to discuss such matters at any time.