Secrets of HPC Procurement

Posted on
17 Jun 2014

Liked my article today in HPC Wire(link is external) "Secrets of the Supercomputers(link is external)"? I firmly poke fun at various elements of an imaginary supercomputer procurement process. However, I'm sure many readers will also see familiar and painfully serious aspects in the fictional story.

As I mention at the bottom of that article, NAG(link is external) can help make the process of buying HPC systems much better than the worrying case in the article.

For example, the tutorial I ran at SC13 with Terry Hewitt(link is external) titled "Effective Procurement of HPC Systems(link is external)" was very popular (~100 attendees). We have provided similar training as part of consulting engagements and we are now looking at running the tutorial again as an open short course.

NAG can also provide other training courses (we did a press release(link is external) on our upcoming schedule today) including "Essential HPC for Buyers, Managers, and R&D Leaders(link is external)".

And, of course, NAG provides a full range of HPC consulting services(link is external) to help with all aspects of the HPC acquisition process - from strategy, through technology and benchmarking, procurement, and in-service application support and performance. NAG's assured independence, established impartiality and strong community relationships guarantee customers the best results and business impact.

NAG's proven expertise and experience in this area is further strengthened by our strategic partnership with Red Oak Consulting(link is external) - announced recently(link is external). Together, NAG and Red Oak have a market-leading capability - based on experience and proven across diverse application areas - and can help customers throughout HPC or numerical software life cycle: strategy and planning | technology evaluation | procurement | deployment | application migration & testing | application performance | production use and support | service review and management | ongoing innovation.

Might we be able to help you? Or know someone who needs help? Get in touch either via the traditional channels ( is external)) or the new-fangled ones (@nagtalk(link is external) or @hpcnotes(link is external)).