Services Case Studies
Real-world examples of NAG Services in action

Automotive finance firm looking to optimize loan offers

  • An automotive finance company required an application for validating and optimizing loan terms and suggesting alternative terms. NAG provided its robust numerical components with additional VBA code to deliver an Excel-based solution.

An organisation that provides banking analysis and pricing services needed help improving the speed of its computational engine

  • When an analysis and pricing firm, in the banking sector, needed help improving the speed of its applications, NAG were able to provide a speed-up of more than 10 times.

A precision engineering firm needed confirmation of a solution that had been developed in-house

  • A precision engineering business wanted NAG to verify their in-house algorithms. Routines from the NAG Library were shown to give more exact results. The work enabled the client to offer their customers a more accurate service.

Financial regulation consultancy looking for faster optimization

  • A leading strategic innovation, intellectual asset and financial regulation consultancy turned to NAG to help verify some details of an economic model for a central bank and to provide compiled code for improved performance.

Financial systems firm looking to add new functionality for regression-based models

  • The financial systems division of a leading software and technology services company needed to enhance some of its key statistical models. NAG developed new methods for the proposed approach, collaborated with the company to verify the methods, and re-engineered legacy code for deployment in a new computing environment.

Trading firm wanted new strategies for portfolio optimization

  • A proprietary trading firm chose NAG software to create a new strategy for portfolio optimization. The client adopted NAG optimization solvers and used novel heuristics to enforce real-world constraints.

A large spread-sheet software publisher came to NAG to add and audit new functions

  • When the Excel® team wanted to improve the numerical functions in Microsoft Office they came to NAG.

Pharmaceutical company looking to forecast product lifecycles

  • NAG helped a pharmaceutical company deliver a new analysis tool. The solution allowed them to forecast and run scenario analysis on complete product lifecycles. They chose NAG because they needed robust and well tested methods.

Retail analytics firm needed new regression methods

  • A retail and consumer products firm, with a focus on pricing models, needed access to some sophisticated regression techniques. NAG provided special new implementations quickly, with APIs to meet the client’s specification.