Supercomputing in 2012 - A personal review

Posted on
21 Dec 2012

I have written a review of the year 2012 in High Performance Computing from a personal perspective over on my HPC blog(link is external). The review covers: cloud computing, Big Data, GPU computing, MIC (Xeon Phi), ARM for HPC, software innovation, the exascale race, petaflops, broadening the community, and the Top500.The review is rather long and so has been split into 2 parts:

On this NAG blog(link is external), I've also written about HPC(link is external) throughout the year, including comparing airline/hotel upgrades with HPC(link is external) and talking aboutunbalanced factors of 1000(link is external).

I've also written articles about HPC for other publications - some serious, some fun (e.g. Six Personalities of Supercomputing(link is external)).

2012 has seen increased demand for NAG's HPC Services and Consulting - for example NAG announced(link is external) in November we had now delivered HPC expertise and services to customers on 5 of the 6 inhabited continents.

The HECToR Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Support Service(link is external) operated by NAG showcased further examples of the benefits to science and engineering users of supercomputers arising from investing in application software capabilities.