Teaching at the Centre for High Performance Computing Winter School

Posted on
25 Jul 2014

On 30th June-4th July, Ian Bush and Chris Goodyer who work in NAG's HPC Team, attended the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) 2014 HPC Winter School in Cape Town. During their time there Ian and Chris taught students during the Thursday and Friday sessions. Ian covered parallel program design and a little on some of the advanced features of MPI, especially communicators, while Chris covered the Intel Xeon Phi, and how to get the best out of it. The sessions were well received and seemingly enjoyed by the students; a well motivated and depressingly young bunch.

Many thanks to Jason Wood for helping out with the Xeon Phi day, and also to Kevin Colville, David Macleod and Andy Rabagliati of CHPC not only for helping us get the material going, but also for making us feel very welcome. Andy in particular was a star, taking time out to give us a quick guided tour of some of the area and also taking us to a nice fish restaurant in Houts Bay. Pity Chris doesn't eat fish...